Monza Line DT

The Monza models belonging to the Line DT – CENTURY EDITION – have been redesigned from the ground up to achieve a more ergonomic design, an easier access to the machine during maintenance, faster times of change over and setup, while creating a strikingly innovative and elegant design.

The CNC Dressing with CAD/CAM graphical software has the option of designing and controlling complex wheel profiles directly on the machine.

Work rest support height is automatically adjusted by CNC controlled servomotors. It is equipped with a steel structure with spring clamp and pneumatic release. The system is properly protected by grinding swarf.

The Grinding wheel head is manufactured of thermally treated, electro-welded steel. It’s home for the nitride steel spindle supported on both sides on bronze bearings with oil film lubrication.

Grinding wheel motor up to 100 kW.

The Monza DT has been designed for through-feed and infeed grinding of heavy parts like bearings, bars, camshafts, etc. The fixed center configuration ensures, together with the automatic post-process gauge and Automatic Grinding Wheel balancing device a very stable and reliable process.

All Monzesi grinders are provided with customized, intuitive software which is simple to program and manage via our HMI display, touch screen control technology, and process monitoring pages. Our software, combined with our mechanical upgrades can for many applications replace the requirement to have an expert level operator at the machine. This combination of new technology has the ability to simplify and in some cases eliminate the need for high level operator analysis and subsequent adjustments to the machine.

All the machine axis motors use DIGITAL DRIVES (transducers) including the motor for the rotation of the regulating wheel. The Grinding wheel motor is availble with Constantant Peripheral (Surface) Speed (CSS), as well as Automatic Wheel Balancing (AWB).


InFactory allows connection of your machine tool to the factory management system, to enable an efficient and seamless data exchange between the production line and the rest of the relevant factory departments.

All Monzesi machines are Industry 4.0 Ready.

Machine sizes and versions

Grinding diameter range up to 150 mm up to 300 mm up to 300 mm
Maximum infeed length 350 mm 495 mm 655 mm
Grinding wheel size
660x355x304,8 mm 660x500x304,8 mm 660x660x304,8 mm
Grinding wheel speed 50 m/sec 50 m/sec 50 m/sec
Grinding wheel motor 75 kW 100 kW 100 kW
Regulating wheel size
400x355x203,2 mm 400x500x203,2 mm 400x660x203,2 mm
Regulating wheel variable speed 5 ÷ 300 rpm 5 ÷ 300 rpm 5 ÷ 300 rpm
Regulating wheel brushless motor 18 Nm 18 Nm 18 Nm
Machine weight 17.500 kg 18.500 kg 18.500 kg

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